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Plastic Airport Barricade 24x96x14 [Price for 5]

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24” x 96” x 14” Airport Barricade

Looking for the 10 x 96 model? Click Here




24"H x96"L x14"W
35 lbs. empty, 785 lbs. full

.15" thick heavy duty polyethylene wall



If you want to use a fence post, the posts can be placed through the fill hole and then run through the airport barricade's already-formed channel.

The 24 x 96 is bigger than the 10 x 96 making it great for areas that require more vertical height and substance.

The units have a locking pin and hole setup so the barricades can make a continuous wall.

Why go with a solar light? No need to deal with a TSA escort to check on the lights.

"The barricade is low enough to avoid interfere with aircraft, yet it creates a substantial boundary for construction demarcation."



Airport Runway: A Behind The Scenes Look




Durability Test
To test the durability of the 24 x 96 barricade, it was filled with water then raised with a forklift and dropped on the pavement from 18 feet up. There was a great impact but the barricade didn’t break.

Other Possible Uses
Because this barricade is both tough and sturdy there are lots of applications it can be used for. Whether in a parking lot or to channel some type of traffic, they can be very useful. Call about ordering barricades for go-karting.

Won’t I Pay A Lot For Shipping?
Even empty, these barricades are not very light, and the units are awkwardly shaped so shipping can be expensive. However we have a two shipping points on the West Coast and one in Indiana, so we can find you the best rate depending on your location. We also give the option of picking them up yourself or using your own shipping account.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is reflective sheeting?
Reflective sheeting is orange and white striped tape that goes on both sides of the barricade. The reflection makes it easier to be seen by vehicles and people.


Why do I have to get sheeting and why on both sides of the barricade?
Currently the only way my supplier offers this barricade is with sheeting on both sides. It turns out the way these are made it’s very economical to just add the sheeting on when they are manufactured.

How do the lights mount to the unit?
There are two holes where lights can fit in this unit, one is in the center where a light can be screwed in (for the Red 360 Degree light) the other is near the front of the unit where a typical road barricade light can be mounted using a bolt.

Does this meet FAA requirements?
The airport barricades and airport lights all meet FAA specifications per circular AC 150/5370-2F.

Can these connect to each other?
Yes, they come with all necessary tools and hardware to connect unit to unit.

How much would it cost to ship?
We have past estimates on airport barrier shipping here
Add your barricades to the shopping cart and on the next page you can see an estimate. For more than 20 units please contact us for a custom freight quote, as the online calculator may actually show a higher rate. These come from Clearfield, UT (86014) as well as Chino, CA but we also have contacts on the East Coast so we will do our best to find a good rate.

Do you have any discounted used units?
We do occasionally have a stock of used units and will pass on a great discount to you. Call for more info!


Learn about airport barricade specifications on our blog.