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A.D.A Audible Type I & II Barricade Lights

ADA Barricade Light Model
Generic Mfg
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Type A.D.A.* I & II Lights
This light meets the requirements of part 6D MUTCD Specs

  • You can customize the message for each location as you need it.
  • Type "D" Flashing Light with Beeper sound and 360 degree Warning Device
  • From fifteen feet away, the motion detector can pick up on a pedestrian walking. When pedestrian facilities or crosswalks are relocated, these units are a big help for the visually impaired and disabled because they provide positive guidance through temporary sidewalks.
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Model 400ML
This is an Information Device and is Audible.
Program your message with ease.  Just remove the bottom of the unit to expose the microphone, then simply press the record button and speak into microphone to record your message.  Message can be as long as 20 seconds.

Type A.D.A. I
Announces a clear audible message: "bus stop moved, sidewalk closed” and/or etc."

Model 400ML2C
Can hold two lantern batteries

Model 400AB

Type A.D.A. II
Temporary pathways give positive guidance to visually impaired with a ‘double’ beeping sound.

*A.D.A. Americans Disabilities Act of 1990, Title II, Par. 35.130