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Looper Tube / Ring Top [Price for 10]

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On Sale For: $201.60 ($20.16 / each)

Ringtop Delineator

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Note: base shape may differ from picture. 8lb and 10lb bases are square, the others are octagon.



  • Handling is easy because of large handle.
  • Knob designed so caution tape can wrap around.
  • Bolt hole is made specifically for barricade lights Note: 4" bolt is required for mounting. 95% of all lights come with 3 1/2" bolts.
  • For added tape protection, there are support rings around the reflective bands.
  • Delineators have UV stabilizer (polymer protecting) in the high impact polyethylene they are made of.

Ringtop delineators are a great way to block off or enclose an area


Base Color: Black
Base Dimensions: 16" Octagonal, 1.75" , 1.65" & 1.375" height
Base Material: 100% Post-Consumer recycled rubber
Base Weight: 8, 10, 12, 15, and 18 pounds
Colors: Fluorescent Orange (White, Yellow etc + $1.00, min order 250)
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 37.50" & 40.75"
Overall Height: 44.75 and 48.50"
Post Diameter (round): 4.00"
Post Material: HDPE with polymer protection UV stabilizer
Post Sheeting: Two 3" or 4" Bands in EG, HI or DG (see above)
Recycled Content: 90% overall


Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly are ‘Bands’?
Bands are strips of reflective tape that make the Ringtops easier to be seen especially when light is shined on them, as the light reflects back. There are different grades of reflectivity; Engineer Grade is the least reflective but works for most applications, Hi Intensity is a level up in reflectivity and Diamond Grade is the most reflective.

Why is this called a Looper Tube / Ring Top?
Looper Tube and Ring Top are two brand names for the same type of product, a delineator with a loop at the top for either grabbing or ‘looping’ rope or chain through.

What color options do I have?
For the post color, fluorescent orange or white are the standard colors.  For yellow, black, blue, red or lime green please call.  

Can these stand up on their own?
Without a base, a slight gust of wind will cause them to tip over without a base.

What bases will work for areas with medium to high wind speeds?
For 20-30 mph winds you should use the 18lb base, if you have higher wind speeds please call and we will find out a solution for you.

I need these right away, how soon can they ship?
Lead time varies because it depends on what is in line for production at the moment and the quantity and type of delineator you are ordering. Please call about lead times.

How much is shipping?
Shipping depends on your zip code and the delineator/base options you choose along with the quantity you need, so please call or email for a custom quote.

'Delineator Post' Explained