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4' Parade Barricade [Price for 10]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
Traffix Devices
Regular Price: $649.50
On Sale For: $619.50 ($61.95 / each)
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  • Heavy Duty, A-Frame plastic barricade with double-wall
  • Great for road closures as well as crowd control
  • Transporting, setting up and storing is a breeze. Stacking lugs help with the storage.
  • Legs allow for one or two beams, no need to decide if you need one or two up front!
  • Each leg has a spot to mount a flashing light
  • Standard 6lb legs cannot be filled with sand. 6', 8' and 10' barricades can accept sand fillable legs, making them 10lbs each.


Colors: White is standard, other colors upon request (may require minimum order)
Height: 42.00 inches
Product Weight: 5 lbs each leg
Reflective Sheeting: EG, HI, DG, call for Chevron
Type I: YES
Type II: YES
Width: 28.00"

Frequently Asked Questions

The options and pricing layout confuses me can you explain it to me?
Yes the options are a little confusing. Single/Double sided is asking if you want the reflective sheeting on one side or both. Engineer Grade, Hi Intensity Grade and Diamond Grade refer to the level of reflectivity of the sheeting. The higher the reflectivity, the more noticeable these units will be when light shines on them.

What are the levels of reflectivity?
Engineer Grade is the lowest, Hi Intensity is the next one up and Diamond Grade is the most reflective. For many applications Engineer Grade will work just fine. If you are using these on state roads and are not sure of your state's requirements for sheeting, we can find them out for you.

I feel like these are not going to be heavy enough as it can get windy here, how will they stand up to wind?
The legs advertised here are 6lbs each, but we do have legs that can be filled with sand for a little more money, and with sand they are 10lbs each. It depends on how much wind we are talking about but these sand-fillable legs should make a difference. Note: sand fillable legs not available with this model, only 6', 8' and 10'.

How quickly can I get these?
This depends on order size and your distance from the supplier (these are stocked in Chicago, IL) but typically we can request an order to be rushed and get a firm answer on when they can go out as well as when they will arrive by looking at typical transit times.

How much does it cost to ship these?
If you add the product to your cart and click 'Get Estimate' on the shopping cart page, it will tell you freight costs. These are typically shipping by freight carriers. Our estimating software works well up to about 30 units, then I would call us and get a custom quote as it may be cheaper than what the online estimate is showing!

Frequently Asked Questions