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10” x 96” x 10” PLASTIC AIRPORT BARRICADE [Price for 5]

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10” x 96” x 10” Airport Barricade

Our airport barricades set the standard for construction safety on runways. They are designed for use specifically as an airport construction barricade. The attention to detail and high-quality material makes this airport barricade the best on the market.

  • Highly sought after, high-quality airport barricade
  • Unit is AIP eligible
  • Red 360 degree solar screw in flashing lights (meets AC 150/5370-2F) and high intensity orange/white striped sheeting
  • Barricade is weighted – can hold up to a jet blast
  • Never duplicated but commonly imitated

Order these low profile with white/orange striped reflective sheeting, and up to two red solar flashing lights per unit (only two can fit per barricade)*. They will not cause a spark if hit by a metal object because units are made of a non-conductive material. Barricades can stand up to a jet blast and are foreign object debris-free.

10” 96” x 10” Airport Barricade Specifications

Chances are if you have traveled by plane, you have seen this model barricade. These barricades are used all over the world at airports to make sure travelers are safe by marking off dangerous construction zones.

  • Dimensions: 10"H x96"L x10"W
  • Weight: 19 lbs. empty, 251 lbs. full
  • Thickness: .20" thick high density
  • Material: Polyethylene wall
  • Features: 84" interconnected length

Download the 10” x 96” x 10” Spec Sheet

*Product meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2F.

What Specs Do I Need for My Airport Barricade?

Benefits of the AR10x96

  • Easily visible
  • Can accept airport lights, made with reflective sheeting on both sides
  • Save on time and labor costs since setup is simple
  • Solar Light Advantage – Don’t need a TSA escort to check on lights.
  • Barricades are very stable but are a breeze to move around when they are empty
  • Use a forklift and get it lined up with the channels underneath the unit to move when full.
  • Designed to be stackable to make storage efficient and easy
  • Safety that’s superior to others
  • Stays put for low maintenance
  • Safe to use in fuel zones
  • Help to minimize injuries to workers (e.g. a back injury from incorrect lifting)
  • Composed of recycled material
  • Can take abusive handling

How much would it cost to ship the AR10x96?

We have past estimates on airport barrier shipping here

Add your barricades to the shopping cart and on the next page you can see an estimate. For more than 20 units please contact us for a custom freight quote, as the online calculator may actually show a higher rate. These come from Clearfield, UT (86014) as well as Chino, CA but we also have contacts on the East Coast so we will do our best to find a good rate.

AR10”x96” Frequently Asked Questions

What is sheeting?

Sheeting is a reflective strip of orange and white that goes on both sides of the airport barricade. It makes it easier to be seen by people and vehicles.

Why is there no option for sheeting on just one side instead of two?

My supplier only allows sheeting on both sides because of the way it is made. It turns out that having sheeting on both sides is just as cheap as having it on one side.

How do the Red Solar 360 Degree Airport lights fit into the unit?

There are two holes where the base of the light can screw right into the airport barricade.

Do these meet FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Requirements?

Yes, both the airport barricades and lights meet the most recent FAA requirements per circular AC 150/5370-2F.

Do these connect to each other?

Yes, they come with all the necessary tools and hardware to connect unit to unit.

How much will it cost to ship these?

Here we give examples of past airport barrier shipping quotes

Please contact us for a custom freight quote. These typically ship from Clearfield, UT (86014), however if you are needing something sooner and/or closer he has other brands of 10 x 96 barricades located in Southern California and Indiana, ask us about these.

Do you offer used units with discounted prices?

We do currently have used units but they are a different brand of airport barricade. However, it has the same specs and still meets FAA requirements. Call us for more details.

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