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Battery Powered Barricade Light [Price for 10]

Lens Color
Battery Option
Regular Price: $299.50
On Sale For: $274.90 ($27.49 / each)

Flashing and Steady Burn Barricade Warning Light - Model 400

(Minimum Order 10 - Please call about samples)

No need for upper neck ring due to the design of the upper case. Made up of UV stabilized Hi-Impact polypropylene.

Circuitry is Solid State:

Circuit is moisture proof and uses the latest technologically advanced electronic components Protected against reverse polarity Options are: steady burn or flashing (or both), 6 volt or 12 volt and can be ordered with or without photocell. Flash rate in 65+/- 10 FPM and on time is a minimum of 10% of the flash cycle Upon request we can provide special purpose circuits with various flash rates and on times.


What are the lenses made up of? They are made up of 7" polycarbonate fresnal and have a 5/8" reflector ring - call us if you have more lens questions.


Hot stamping and custom molded cases are available, but have minimum orders involved. Case colors include green, black, red, orange, yellow, black and white.


For two years from the date of purchase, the electronic circuit is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material. My supplier, EMPCO, at its discretion, will replace or repair defective product returned freight prepaid as long as it is within the guarantee time frame.


10 lights come per carton. Each carton weighs 24 pounds total. Inside each carton is one wrench, one switch pin (to turn light on/off) and ten bolts.


The mounting bolt is 1/2"x3-3-/4" and is tamper proof with a pyramid shaped head. Upon request, we have half moon and 5 sided button hex head bolts in various lengths.


LED comes standard with these lights now. LED lights shine brighter than those lights without LED, and the flashing (Type A) models are more efficient – they use 50% less battery life than a regular (Non-LED) light, a steady burn (Type C) uses 25% less energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the batteries to run out of life?
For 6 volt units, the battery life is 60-90 days. For 12 volt units 90-120 days is the average.

Do you have green, red, blue or clear lens?
We typically have clear red and green, blue is more difficult to come by so please call about blue lens.

How long will this unit last?
2-4 years is an average lifespan, they have been known to last over 4 years as well.

Do these flash during the day? Do they turn off automatically?
They do not flash during the day; they have a photocell which forces them to shut down automatically when the sun comes up. This means no having to go around and shut them off manually.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Simply use the bolt and fastener provided: thread the bolt through the hole in the light and the hole in the object you are mounting it to.

What’s a better value, solar barricade lights or battery powered barricade lights?
Solar barricade lights are better in the long run if you plan to use your barricade lights for about 9 months or more. The cost to replace the batteries as well as the labor involved with the battery powered lights adds up to a point where it is worth it to buy the solar version.