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Ring / Looper Cone [Price for 10]

Band Colors
Looper Cone
Regular Price: $279.50
On Sale For: $259.50 ($25.95 / each)

42" Ring / Looper Cone

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Conforms to NCHRP-350 Report and Federal MUTCD standards for nighttime use.




  • Grip these easy by the large handles.
  • Tape easily wraps around built-in caution knob.
  • Hassle-free barricade light mounting. Note: 4" bolt is required for mounting. 95% of all lights come with 3 1/2" bolts.
  • Made of low-density polyethylene which has polylmer protecting UV stabilizer.
  • Bases are 100% post consumer recycled rubber and come in 10, 15, 20 or 30lbs.
Base Color: Black
Base Dimensions: 10lb base is 1.70" high, 15 lb base is 2.70" high X 16.00" Octagonal. 20lb base is 1.75" high, 30lb base is 2.25" high X 22.00" X 26.00"
Base Material: 100% Post-Consumer recycled rubber
Base Weight: 10 to 30 lbs
Colors: Fluorescent Orange or White
Diameter: 4.00" at the top tapering to 8.00" at the base
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 42.00"
Labels, Stenciling, Lettering, Stickers, Logos: Available upon request
Material: LDPE with UV Stabilizers, Dioxin-Free
Overall Height: 49.00"
Recycled Content: Base is made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Rubber

Frequently Asked Questions


Are these stackable?
Yes they are.

Can you explain what ‘Bands’ are?
The bands are the orange and white reflective strips of tape you see in the item picture. They help the looper cone be seen easier. There are three different grades of reflectivity. Starting with the most reflective: Diamond Grade, HI Intensity, Engineer Grade.

Why does this product have two names?
Looper Cone and Ring Top Cone are very similar products that come from two different manufacturers. The one we sell is formally called a Ring Top Cone. They are very similar: a tall cone that has a loop that can be used for a variety of applications. We include both names to let customers know these products are virtually one in the same.

What colors can I get these in?
Fluorescent orange or white.

If I do not buy a base, will these stand up on their own?
They can stand up on their own but just barely so we suggest a base, always.

We have medium-high wind speeds – which base weight would you suggest we get?
The 20lb base is adequate for 20-30mph winds; above 30 mph a 30lb base is good. For extremely high winds we suggest doubling up on bases.

Can I get these ASAP?
Lead time is just a matter of how backed up my supplier is, though lots of times we can push these out in 2-3 days if need be. Please call for a more accurate lead time.

How much is shipping?
Shipping quotes are custom, if we have your zip code and quantity needed, we can get one for you.

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