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Movit Barricades [Price for 3]

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Regular Price: $533.85
On Sale For: $503.85 ($167.95 / each)

Movit Barricade


  • The only barricade that is one whole piece - meaning no weak points and an overall stronger unit
  • Durable and ecological - recyclable, doesn't rust, manufactured in polypropylene
  • Functional because it's easy to handle, units link up quickly, it's lightweight
  • Removable feet can be weak points, these units don't have removable feet
  • Use your logo and/or color to personalize your barricade
  • These have been quality tested: water resistance, compression, distortion drop test and durability





Length: 6.6" (75")

Height: 3.3" (39")

Weight: 12Kg/26.5lbs.

Accepted load: 500Kg/1102lbs.

Thermal resistance:


Available colors: gama RAL

Recyclable material


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