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ADA Pedestrian Barricade

Base Option
Sheeting Configuration
American Louver
Regular Price: $157.25
On Sale For: $147.25

ADA Pedestrian Barricade 'Strongwall'

  • This barricade is ADA compliant and designed to have no trip hazard. Also meets MUTCD standards.
  • The top wall and the bottom base (43lbs) fit together, and each individual unit links up to one another.
  • These are not hard to install - set up is fast.
  • When these are linked it is hard to tamper with them.
  • Units stack well to lower transportation costs (20 tops and 20 bases can fit on one pallet).
  • Come in orange or white, and can be ordered with/without reflective sheeting.
  • Remain intact in windy areas.
  • Sandbags aren't needed.
  • Barricades will adjust to most landscapes.

Specifications of unit with base: 43"L x 15.25"W x 40"H Weighs 51lbs and the sheeting area is 6" x 30" on each side of the unit.