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barricade lights, barricade light, solar barricade light, solar barricade lights, solar flashers, construction light, construction lights, type b barricade light, type b barricade lightsThis post is to give people who are having trouble with their barricade lights some help.  I have gotten calls from customers who don’t know how to turn on their barricade lights.  It depends on the brand, but usually there is a small hole in the center of (or side of) the light where you can poke a pin or something in to turn it from on to steady burn to off.

Another issue some people have is with solar barricade lights.  Sometimes it can be tricky to know if they have a charge or not, so always be sure to keep them out in good sunlight for a day or so if you suspect that it is broken.  This ensures that they either are or are not broken, because some brands of solar barricade lights will lose their charge over time if stored somewhere.

barricade lights, solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, barricade light, construction light, construction lights, solar powered barricade light, type b barricade lightA lot of people have asked the question – is it worth the money to buy solar powered versus battery powered barricade lights?  Well, the answer is that it depends.  Generally, if you plan on using your lights for many projects then solar is the way to go.

The amount of money spent after batteries can amount to the difference in cost between a solar powered barricade light and a battery powered one.  But, if you are just using the lights for one month and then may not use them again for 5 years, it may be OK to purchase the cheaper ones.

barricade light, solar barricade light, barricade lights, construction lights, yellow flashers, solar barricade lights, solar flashers, construction flashersMost people would think there is just one type of barricade light, but the truth is there are many.  There are solar barricade lights, battery powered barricade lights, dome shaped lens barricade lights, d-cell barricade lights, 6 volt barricade lights etc.  One type of barricade light is both solar and battery powered, what happens is the sun will trickle charge the batteries because it goes through the solar panel.

These trickle charged barricade lights are good if you want to replace batteries less, but don’t want to pay the upfront cost of a fully solar barricade light.  Amber lens barricade lights are by far the most common, but red lens and blue lens are also available.  Red lens barricade lights are most popular among airport construction projects, and blue barricade lights are most popular among railroads.