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Types of Barricade Lights

Friday, September 20, 2013 By: admin

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, solar powered barricade light, solar powered barricade lights, red solar barricade lights, yellow solar barricade lights, solar flasher, solar flashers, solar assist barricade light, barricade light, barricade lightsContinuing with the theme of explaining the different types of products (we did traffic barricades before) we will explain the different variations of barricade lights in this post.  The first we will talk about is solar versus battery powered.  A solar barricade light is usually $10 to $20 more expensive per unit but will not need to have it’s batteries replaced.  A typical battery powered light will need it’s batteries replaced every 3-5 months.  Most of my customers prefer solar as you ‘set it and forget it’.  No maintenance involved.

Now another option is the intensity of the light.  There are ‘Hi Intensity’ lights that are called ‘Type B’ lights.  These are bright enough to be easily seen during the day.  A regular barricade light is not intended to be seen during the day and will usually shut off automatically as soon as the sun comes up.

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, barricade light, type b barricade lights, solar type b barricade lightsIf choosing a battery powered light, you have an option of 6 Volt or D Cell.  In this case it means a light that takes 6 Volt batteries or D Cell batteries, usually one 6 Volt battery and four D Cell batteries are needed, respectively.  Most people choose a D Cell as the base is smaller so it’s a more compact unit.  The 6 Volt version has a more traditional look.

Another option when it comes to battery powered lights is LED or non LED.  Choosing to have LEDs in your barricade light will cost you between $3 and $7 extra but will make the light brighter.  Other options include lens colors and hot stamping the barricade light with text.  Changing the lens from the usual yellow to red or clear will typically cost you more, and hot stamping a light will typically involve a ‘set up’ fee and a per item stamp fee around 50 cents each.

upsIt’s impossible to predict how much something will cost to ship as the weights and locations vary so much, however we should be able to get close based on history.  First I am going to start with the products we ship via UPS (typically barricade lights).

The following products will fall in line with the shipping estimates I come up with below: Solar Barricade Lights and Airport Lights with Base.

We ship a lot of solar barricade lights that come from California, so let’s see where some of the numbers end up, and try to come up with an average.  I threw in some numbers for larger orders (not included in the normal shipment calculations).  As you can see the amount you save per light when you ship large quantities is pretty incredible.  Note: larger shipments typically require a pallet and a freight truck, which requires the receiver to have a forklift and/or loading dock and a business address to dodge extra fees.

——————All quotes from 2013 or late 2012—————–


East Coast

10 lights going to MA cost $31, $36

10 lights going to NY cost $36

20 lights going to NC cost $90

25 lights going to MA cost $90

With this data we can assume shipping these lights to the East Coast is going to average $4.35 per light (total cost of $283 shipping 65 lights).  We can assume about the same price for any light with a base shipping from CA to the East Coast, as most barricade/airport lights with bases weigh about the same.

Larger order: 205 lights at once going to FL cost $290 averaging $1.41 per light


20 lights going to IL cost $84

12 lights going to IL cost $48

25 lights going to IL cost $108

12 lights going to WI cost $48

With this data we can assume shipping lights to the Midwest is going to average $4.17 per light ($288/69 lights)

Larger order: 100 lights shipped at once cost $235 averaging $2.53 per light

West Coast

13 lights going to CA cost $38

15 lights going to CA cost $38

40 lights going to CO cost $97

So we can assume a West Coast shipment will cost $2.54 a light ($173/68 lights)

Larger order: 175 lights shipped at once cost $185 averaging $1.05 per light!


10 lights going to LA cost $40

12 lights going to MS cost $39

12 lights going to TX cost $59

So we have $138 in shipments, 44 lights averaging $3.13 per light.

Larger order: 150 lights cost $230 ($1.53 per light)


And the final word….

With this data we can conclude you are going to spend around $4 per light going to the East Coast or Midwest, $3 going to the South and $2.50 going to the West Coast.  We can also see that shipping large quantities of 100 units or more can save you as much as 70% on shipping costs!

Be Careful of the Traffic Cones

Thursday, April 25, 2013 By: admin

traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange traffic cones, orange traffic cone, safety cones, safety coneCrazy night out on the town and you see a traffic cone, what’s going to happen?  Many people will take the cone and run with it on their head for a while, some may even decide  it would be a great addition to their dorm room or apartment.  But not so fast, stealing a traffic cone is actually grounds for a FELONY.

How many cops are going to give you a felony for stealing a traffic cone?  Most likely a very small majority, but just be smart out there.  You give them too much of a hard time and you never know what could happen.  This goes for all traffic safety supplies you see on the road like barricade lights and parade barricades.  Think twice before you grab them!

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, barricade lights, barricade light, type b barricade lightBelieve it or not, you can replace the batteries in solar barricade lights.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, because solar things are supposed to not require batteries.

The way it works is that the solar panels are designed to charge an internal battery which then holds the charge for a certain amount of time.  After 3+ years the battery dies, and on some models you can get new batteries by contacting the manufacturer.

solar barricade lights, barricade lights, type b solar barricade lights, solar barricade lightDid you know there are different kinds of solar barricade lights?  Driving on the highway you may notice some of them are hooded, while some of them are not.  Hooded lights means that they are type b barricade lights.

Type b barricade lights are high intensity which means they can be seen easily 24/7.  Typical barricade lights can only really be seen during the night.  The type b lights are good for highway construction to be sure that the k-rails and other barrier barricades are not hit.