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LED Arrow Boards - Half Hoods

Hi-Way Safety
Regular Price: $3,195.00
On Sale For: $2,895.00

LED Arrow Boards Double Sided- Half Hoods

Lead Time: 3-4 Business Days (Average)

Note: Pictured is 25 Lamp Arrow Board

  • Meets The M.U.T.C.D specs
  • Made of Aluminum panels and frame
  • 180 Degree half hoods
  • Manual and power lift kits available in 90 degrees
  • Power lift kits available in 180 degrees
  • Visibility is up to 1 mile
  • 12VDC
  • Photocell gives dimming automatically
  • Warranty provided: 1 year
What do I get with this Arrow Board? You get a controller, two mounting brackets for the controller, and a 25' cable

Control Features
  • Functions available in one touch
  • Arrow modes visually indicated on controller
  • Diagnostic feature will give you a warning of not only defective lamps, but also low vehicle battery as well as short circuit condition
  • Auto up/down motor function
  • Manual or automatic brightness control (7 levels, 40% - 100%)
  • 12 Arrow Modes - 5 flashing modes and 7 sequential modes
  • 35', 7/32"DIA control cable standard (25' and 50' harnesses available)
Half Hood Features
  • Increased visibility on the side
  • Hood won’t get packed with snow
  • Change bulb by twist off
LED Features
  • Patented mirror technology
  • Convex design gives better visibility from the side
  • 19 LED's per lamp

Mounting: About half of our customers fabricate their own mounting apparatus to fit the vehicle they are attaching it to. The other half buy kits for mounting. There is a lot of mounting customizations due to the shapes of the specialty vehicles these are commonly secured to. We would be happy to quote you a mounting kit, but please realize most vehicles will require some amount of modification to the mounting kit in order to be secured.