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Road Runner Barricade

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Road Runner Barricade

Effective and Quick

Unit can be deployed fast and easy, set out in straight or curved lines, this unit is sure to give a strong presence. Gives great visual delineation both uniformly and consistently for traffic and work zones.

Can be used on the US National Highway system when it is filled with water up to 45 pounds (maximum weight is 100 pounds). NCHRP 350 tested and approved. Some water fill-able devices are used as receptacles for garbage such as paper cups – not this unit.

Shipping and Storage – Compact Design

When stacked for transporting and storage, you will realize over 80% plus space and cost saving. One 48ft van holding 240 units equals ¼ mile of barricades.

Units can he handled by one person

Just a single individual can set out these barriers with ease, don't worry about having lots of workers on site. No need for mechanical lifting equipment

’Ballast’ Optional

Can be used with (ballast) or without water. Barricade has a low center of gravity. Not easy to knock or blow over.

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