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Portable Flagger Station Lights

Work Area Protection
Regular Price: $1,550.00
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Work Area Lighting and Flagger Station

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  • Use to illuminate work area and/or flagger
  • Has volt meter that can be pushed in to test
  • The lamp head has been rated at 50,000+ service hours
  • Lamp heads independently, directionally adjustable
  • Light elevation is 8 ft.
  • Unit has a DC power port. Recharge unit using an external battery or charge other devices using this port
  • Weighs 42lbs
  • Collapsible aluminum extension mast - cam lock adjustments with retractable cable
  • Stainless Steel legs are easy to retract and deploy creating tripod base and are stable on uneven ground
  • Battery: Can last 16+ hours when fully charged on dual LED unit
  • Can handle 500+ charge cycles
  • Warranty: One year replacement on battery pack and charger. Lifetime warranty on light heads.
  • Meets both National and State Flagger Illumination Regulations. Also meets MUTCD Section 6E.08

Dual LED Light: 20 Watts, 1.5 amps, 1800 Lumens

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What size lighting area do these lights cover?

The Dual light covers ~8sq. ft. of lighting enough to read a book under.

2) Where is this light NOT acceptable as far as I know?

The states out West that do NOT allow this light on roadway projects is Oregon and Washington as they have 14'+ height requirements and candlestick/wattage requirements the LED lights do NOT meet. However, if they are used on private or industrial property such as the Port Authority areas (Port of Tacoma, Portland, etc.) they are allowing our LED lights in these environments as long as they have been cleared by the Engineers in these work projects.

3) Why LED lights over balloon lights or light plants?

Cheaper, no external power source or wires (tripping hazard) is required and you do NOT need to use a truck mounted hitch to get these to the work sites or mount to on a project.

4) How long do the LED lights last?

For the Dual head lights you can expect to get ~15 hours of lighting on a full charge. If you only run 1 LED light you can get 30 hours of lighting, but in order to meet the 1000 feet of visibility rules for Federal Flagging you need 2-4 lights on at all times.

5) How long does it take to charge and where can I charge this?

You have the option to charge this in your vehicle with a 12V cigarette lighter area charger or via a standard 110 volt house plug. I recommend that you charge the unit to and from the job sites in your vehicle and then when back at the office it remains plugged into a standard 110 volt electrical outlet.