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Pallet of 300 28" Traffic Cones

Work Area Protection
Regular Price: $5,185.00
On Sale For: $5,085.00

Full Pallet of 28" 7lb Traffic Cones w/ 4" & 6" HIP Collars (300 Cones Total)

This full pallet of 300 cones meets MUTCD standards and is NCHRP 350 / Mash certified. Cones are manufactured by a known brand and are high quality. Beware of generic cones where bases and sheeting fall apart. Cones ship within 5 business days out of Illinois.

The pallet of 300 cones gives you the best price per unit and low shipping costs. Pricing comes down to $16.95 per cone, with only $500 shipping the full pallet to a commercial location!

Additional Pallet Cone Details:

  • Product Number: 412424
  • Standard Weight: 7lbs
  • Top & Bottom Thickness: 0.12"
  • Cone Base: 14.51" x 14.51"
  • Top Hole Inside Diameter (Before Indent) 1.57"
  • Top Hole Inside Diameter (After Indent) 1.89"
  • Bottom Hole Inside Diameter 11.38"

Black Base Cone Details

The Black Base Cone is a technologically advanced and superior traffic cone that offers various features. It has new grip technology to prevent slippage and interior bands for easy stacking. The cone is fade resistant and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, making it suitable for any climate. It has a 16-lug base for added support and reduced cracking during runover incidents. The unique base also improves surface friction to prevent skidding. The Black Base Cone is designed for durability and crash-proofing, making it a top choice for safety. Overall, the cone is highly visible, durable, and of high quality.

Pallet Cone Features

  • Injection-molded for supreme durability
  • New grip technology for easier handling
  • Interior bands and wide base design reduce stacking issues
  • Cold and Hot Temperature Formulation provides superior winter and summer performance
  • Superior Fluorescent Pigment gives unmatched fade resistance
  • Base and conical sections interlocked and fused to provide integral design
  • 16 lug base provides additional support and reduced cracking during runovers
  • New base design increases friction to prevent skidding
  • NCHRP 350/MASH certified
  • Meets MUTCD standards
  • Includes 4" & 6" Hi-Intensity Avery HIP Collars (top brand)

Pallet of Safety Cones FAQ

How Many Traffic Cones Does a Pallet Have?

Pallets contain 300 safety cones.

How Many Pallets Can Fit Into a 53ft Truck?

A 53ft dry van can hold 26-30 standard sized full pallets.

How Fast Do These Pallets Ship?

Pallet cone orders ship within 4-5 business days out of Illinois. Arrival depends on their destination. Please give us a call if you require a more accurate estimation.

Frequently Asked Questions