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Type 2 Plywood Barricades [Price for 10]

Barricade Size & Sheeting
Leg Thickness
Regular Price: $559.50
On Sale For: $539.50 ($53.95 / each)
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  • This Type 2 Plywood Barricade is NCHRP 350 Approved: WZ-54 & MUTCD Compliant
  • Made with wood panels and galvanized steel legs (protects against rust).
  • The components of this barricade can all be interchanged and sold as either completed units or separately (legs and panels).
  • Legs are a standard 45" tall, galvanized steel with 12 or 14 guage thickness.
  • We can paint the legs white upon request.

What do we mean by 'types' of barricades?

Barricade Legs Galvanized
Leg Thickness 14 & 12 gauge
Leg Material Galvanized steel roll form
Leg Length 45" standard
"Universal Fitting"
Board hole pattern on centers 4, 6, 10 inch
Panel Width Top Board: 8" or 12". Bottom Board: 4", 6", 8", or 12"
Panel Material Plywood
Panel Thickness 1/2"
Color White
Reflective Sheeting EG / HI / DG
Panel Standard Lengths 24, 32", 36"

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t understand what ‘Type 2’ means?
Type 2 means sheeting on the top and bottom boards on each side of the barricade. A Type 1 has sheeting on the top board only of both sides of the barricade.

Can you explain the numbers listed before the sheeting?
The best way to explain is to give an example. 12/6x24” is saying the sheeting on the top is 12x24”, and the sheeting/board size on the bottom is 6x24”.

What are these grades of reflectivity?
Reflectivity is a measure of how much light shines back at you when you shine light on an object. The highest reflective material we have is Diamond Grade. The next down is Hi Intensity and the last one down is Engineer Grade.

Can you mount a barricade light on this?
Yes, a bolt can be threaded through the ‘A’ on the side of the leg and then through the base of a barricade light or flasher.

What are 14 vs 12 gauge legs?
Gauge is another way of saying thickness. A 14 gauge leg will not be as sturdy as a 12 gauge leg.

How much does it cost to ship these?
If you add the items to your cart on the next page it will let you get an estimate on shipping costs. If you are buying 40 or more units give us a call we may be able to get the shipping lower than it's showing with the online calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions