Traffic Barricade Types – What Do They Mean

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 By: admin

type2If you are in the market for traffic barricades but don’t know too much about them you have come to the right spot.  First off, the type of barricade has to do with how many boards and/or pieces of sheeting a barricade has.  Note: ‘sheeting’ is short for reflective sheeting, the orange and white striped piece you see on the barricade.  The first barricade on the left is a type 1, the second a type 2 and the third one is the type 3.

A type 1 barricade has a piece of sheeting on the top board only, and the barricade itself is usually 24″ wide and 42-46″ high (depending on if it is open or closed at the bottom).  It still has a bottom board,

type 2 barricade

but the board has no sheeting on it.  A type 2 barricade has sheeting on both the top and bottom board of the barricade.  Like the type 1 it is the same size (24″ wide and 42-26″ high).
The type 3 is a very different unit because it can range from 48″ to 144″+ in width.  As you can see there are three boards, which command a lot more attention to the unit.  These are great for road closures where you need to cover wide distances.  The sheeting is on all three of the boards typically.

type 3 barricadeNow sheeting can have different types too.  They range in the amount of reflectivity, starting with the lowest: Engineer Grade, Hi Intensity and Diamond Grade.  For most instances Engineer Grade works fine.


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