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Boomerang Surface Mount Delineator [Price for 10]

Post Color
Shape & Diameter
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Boomerang Base
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In work zones, the delineator base is a critical component for safety. These bases are engineered with exceptional durability, boasting triple the elasticity compared to standard rubber bases. Compliant with all state specifications for two-way, two-lane delineators, these units have been rigorously AASHTO/NTPEP crash-tested to ensure their reliability.

Reboundable “Boomerang” Surface Mount Delineator

What sets boomerang surface mount delineators apart is their ability to absorb and redirect the stress of an impact away from the delineator tube and onto the base itself, ultimately extending the lifespan of the HDPE tube. This feature makes them an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including parking lots, construction sites, gore zones, bridges, concrete barriers, islands, and more. Additionally, users can choose from posts with 2.25" flat, 3" round, or 3" flat options, each available in fluorescent orange, yellow, or white for maximum visibility.

  • Delineator base designed for high impact work zones
  • Triple the elasticity compared to standard rubber bases
  • Unit meets all state specifications for two way, two lane delineators. AASHTO/NTPEP Crash Tested.
  • Posts come in 2.25" flat, 3" round or 3" flat (flat or round top). See image 4 above for an example of a 'flat' unit
  • Polymer base resists cracks and splits
  • Fluorescent orange, yellow or white color available
  • Ideal for parking lots, work zones, construction sites, gore zones, bridges, concrete barriers, islands and more.

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The Most Reboundable Base In The Traffic Control Industry

Delineator posts mount to the surface using Epoxy Kits or Butyl Pads. We offer all the above in addition to 2 gallon epoxy kits ideal for a select number of surface mount delineators.

boomerang surface mount delineator

Bolt Down Plate Assembly

The bolt down plate (see image #2) is sold separately and is used for the most permanent of applications. Use the bolt down plate to make the boomerang base last longer. No epoxy or butyl pads are needed if using the bolt down plate. Ranking how long adhesion applications will last: butyl pad shortest amount of time, epoxy is next and bolt down plate is permanent and will last the longest.

Boomerang Surface Mount Delineator Specifications

Base Dimensions: 8.00" diameter
Base Material: Specially formulated elastomer
Post Color: Fluorescent Orange, Yellow, or White. Others upon request. Minimum order required.
Post Diameter (round): 2.250" & 3.00"
Post Dimensions: 3.00" wide. 18", 24", 28", 36", 42" & 48" lengths
Post Material: HDPE with polymer protection UV stabilizer
Post Sheeting: Multiple options available
Recycled Content: 50%
Reflective Sheeting: Multiple options available

Boomerang Surface Mount Delineator FAQ

Where are boomerang surface mount delineators commonly used?

They’re commonly used on road edges, center medians, parking lots and work zones.

Do surface mount delineators last long?

Yes, they will last for years but are susceptible to vehicle strikes due to their road placement. They are easily installed and replaced though.

Are these TD5200 reboundable surface mount delineators?

Yes, these surface mount delineators are the TD5200 model.

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