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Solar Traffic Construction Message Board

Model: SMC 1000 ST      Sign Case: 70” High x 127“ Wide

Traffic Message Board Bulk Orders: 5 Units (Full Truck) Qualifies for Significant Savings on Shipping

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Key Aspects When Shopping For a Traffic Message Board


Standard Construction Message Board Features:

  • On-board dedicated NTCIP-compliant controller
  • 5 LEDs per pixel provide uniform light output
  • Energy-efficient LED display provides minimal battery maintenance and long operational life
  • Automatic intensity control provides optimum LED intensity
  • Industrial-grade trailer provides stable platform
  • Powder-coat paint for improved fade and scratch resistance


Warranty: This message board DOES have a warranty, however the specifics of the warranty change often, please contact us for the full warranty information on this model.

Security: The control box is lockable, and the battery box is made of steel. No need to worry about someone changing the message who shouldn't be, or stealing batteries.

What does the Modem do? (extra option) Remote Communication! No need to waste time and money going to the location of your board. A modem allows you Real Time Message Updating and Control – program your board via smart phone/tablet/web. Can program changes on your boards up to one year in advance. Can change one board or multiple boards at one time. Hourly Polling and Monitoring- checking battery voltage/alerts. Diagnostic Tool Box-detailed reports including charts and graphs. User access is secure. Comes with GEO fence (if board goes out of your pre-defined area, you will be alerted via email/text). Good for tracking in case it gets stolen or lost. Modem will need data service to operate. We offer the basic level of data service for free with a modem purchase.

What does the Radar do? (extra option) self-contained system to monitor and internally record traffic patterns on roadways in virtually any location and weather condition.  Need to physically go to the board to get the memory stick and download the data.

How about the Modem & Radar w/ Data? (extra option) Same as above but includes a data plan (and modem) so you can remotely: change mode from normal to legacy to police mode, change speed thresholds, and download plus analyze the data without having to physically go up to the board.  In order for the radar to utilize the data plan you ALSO need the modem, so this option means you can also program the board remotely via the internet without needing to go up to the board.

Understanding How Solar Assist/Solar Powered Works:
The LED lamp panels are powered by a bank of batteries in order to convey bright, distinctive messages to the traveling public. The batteries are in turn recharged automatically by a group of solar panels located at the highest point on the unit. The Solar Message Center is designed with sufficient energy backup (batteries) to operate for a period of 21 days without any sun. The solar panel shall recharge the battery bank at a rate of 2.5 hours sun to one 24 hour period of usage. There is also a charger on each message board for charging boards overnight if needed.

Ease of Computer Programming
A user-friendly dedicated computer designed by Precision Solar Controls reduces the number of keys required to program the Message Center. The unit provides NTCIP compliant functionality.

LED Lamp Pixel Design
The SMC 1000 ST uses 5 high-intensity, solid-state LEDs per 2-inch pixel. This creates a more uniform light output in each pixel, resulting in increased message definition and distance legibility.

Industrial-Grade Structural Steel Trailer
The SMC 1000 ST uses a durable trailer system designed to provide years of dependable service. The trailer’s high-quality, powder-coat paint; 2″x 4″ 11-gauge steel frame; and a 3,500-pound suspension system enhance the overall quality of the unit.

Modular Electronic Componentry
The entire system was developed with the operator/end user in mind. Electronic components are easily replaced, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This modularity also improves system diagnostics.



Construction Traffic Message Board Unit Specifications

Sign Case Specifications

  • Raised height – 158″ (4.01 m)
  • Travel height – 103″ (2.61 m)
  • Width – 96″ (2.43 m)
  • Length with tongue – 168″ (4.26 m)
  • Length w/o tongue – 130″ (3.3 m)
  • Weight – 1920 lbs. (870.89 Kg)
  • Energy Source – (6) 6-volt Deep Cycle batteries
  • Generator – solar panel array
  • Operating Temperature Range – -20 to +120 degrees F (-29 to +49 degrees C)
  • Lift Mechanism – Leak resistant electro-hydraulic
  • Main Frame – 2″ x 4″ x .120″ high grade steel


Computer Specifications

  • Height - 70" (1.76 M)
  • Width - 127" (3.22 M)
  • Character Height - 18" (46 CM)
  • Lamp – LED (5 per pixel)
  • Legibility - 1000 ft (304 M)
  • Characters - 3 rows, 8 columns
    • Control Console Display: LCD
    • Pre-programmed Messages: 250 total
    • User Programmed Capability: 100 messages
    • NTCIP compliant software
    • Update Speed: 100 Milliseconds
    • Removable Solid State design
    • Off-the-shelf QWERTY keyboard included


Traffic Message Board Character Info

All characters on this board are 18".  This board can fit 8 characters per line, there are 3 lines maximum.  So total characters per 'page' is 24.  You can have multiple pages for a given message.  For example page 1 'Road Work Ahead' page 2 '2am-6am Weekdays'