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Ultra Panels [Price for 5]

Panel Sheeting Option
Panel Color
Regular Price: $209.75
On Sale For: $194.75 ($38.95 / each)

Ultra Panels for Traffic Control

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  • Picking up and transporting (even with light attached) is a breeze because of large handle with comfortable grip.
  • Can handle multiple impacts from vehicles while minimizing the damage to them.
  • Sheeting is protected due to recessed panel.
  • The side wall gives durability and strength to the panel.
  • Barricade light can be attached.
  • Can come in orange or white.
  • The bases have carrying handles and come in 20 or 30lbs.
  • With or without base these units are stackable.
  • NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you explain the Ultra Panel options?
All the vertical panels are 8x36” but you can decide how much of this area you want sheeted, if any. Under the options the first numbers represent the size of the sheeting.

What are the different grades of reflectivity for the sheeting?
A grade of reflectivity is an indication of how much the sheeting will reflect light. Diamond Grade will reflect the most light, Hi Intensity will be less and Engineer Grade will be the least reflective.

How soon will these leave the warehouse?
It really depends on what orders are in front of yours, so please call for a more accurate lead time.

How much is freight?
Where you live and how many panels you buy with which bases will influence shipping, so please call or email for a custom quote.

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