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Surface Mount Delineators [Price for 10]

Reflective Sheeting
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Surface Mount Delineators

High Impact Resistant Surface Mount Delineators

Surface mount delineators are ideal in many settings, like highways, work zones, parks, parking lots, airport runways and more. These post-mounted delineators can survive vehicle strikes while providing high visibility. We accept special orders for custom post heights.

Easily mount the base of the delineator by using Butyl Pads and a 2 Gallon Epoxy Kit. These post mounted delineators will stay in place during harsh weather conditions.

  • Made from a special compound using polymer protection and UV stabilizer
  • Base is made of ABS plastic, 100% recycled material
  • Made in UV-protected fluorescent orange, yellow, or white
  • Repo post base is fastened into delineator using two polymer alloy pins
  • Meets state and federal DOT and FAA requirements
  • Visibility from all angles

Download Surface Mount Delineator Spec Sheet

Surface Mount Delineator FAQ

What is the spacing for surface mount delineators?

Spacing requirements are on a case-by-case basis determined by your plan specifications and/or your state’s policies. If used in a private location, we would advise no more than 5 feet for proper vehicle delineation.

Are these considered flexible surface mount delineators?

Yes, these are reboundable surface mount delineators.

Can these delineators balance on their own?

We highly suggest the base of the repo post be glued down (epoxy) to the surface in order for the delineator to withstand low wind and contact. They work best on solid surface areas like concrete and asphalt.

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