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10’ Plastic Parade Barricade [Price for 10]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
Board Thickness
Leg Option
Traffix Devices
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Note: If ordering the sand fillable legs, please note they are only able to be used with 1.75” Thick Beams



  • A-Frame plastic barricade – double wall, heavy duty
  • While there are many uses for this barricade, closing roads and being used as a crowd delineator are the most common
  • If you want a more rigid barricade try the 1.75” Thick beam, sheeting will be protected more as well
  • Handling, transporting and storing are easy with this unit. Stacking lugs help with the storage.
  • You have the option of one or two beams on these units
  • Mount a barricade light on each leg if needed
  • The ‘standard’ legs can’t be filled with sand, but you can get legs that fill up with 4lbs of sand making them 10lbs each.





Colors: White is standard, other colors upon request
Height: 42.00"
Product Weight: 5 lbs each leg
Reflective Sheeting: EG, HI, DG, call for Chevron
Type I: YES
Type II: YES
Width: 28.00"

These barricades have a few different names



Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain the pull down menu above better
The options can be a little complicated. Single or Double sided is asking – sheeting on one side or two? Engineer Grade, Hi Intensity and Diamond Grade refer to the level of reflectivity of the sheeting. The more reflective the sheeting is, the more light will shine back when light is shined at them.

Explain ‘Beam Thickness’?
This one is simple, it's the depth or thickness of the beam. Why would you need a thicker beam? Well a thicker beam would give the unit more sturdiness, and also more rigidity.

Explain the levels of reflectivity, from lowest to highest.
Engineer Grade is the lowest grade of reflectivity, Hi Intensity is one level up and Diamond Grade has the highest reflectivity. In most instances (except where specific reflectivity requirements are laid out) Engineer Grade will work for your needs.

It can get windy here, how do I make sure these units don’t blow away?
We have legs that can fill up with sand to be 10lbs each, and if very windy we suggest multiple beams per unit to weight it down more.

When can I get these?
This depends on how far away you are from my supplier (these are stocked in Chicago, IL) as well as the size of the order but we can get an order pushed out the door fast if need be.

How much does it cost to ship these?
If you add the product to your cart and click 'Get Estimate' on the shopping cart page, it will tell you freight costs. These are typically shipping by freight carriers. Our estimating software works well up to about 30 units, then I would call us and get a custom quote as it may be cheaper than what the online estimate is showing!