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Type III Plastic Barricades 72" Wide [Price for 3]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
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Regular Price: $436.50
On Sale For: $406.50 ($135.50 / each)

Type 3 Plastic Barricades 72"

These Type III 72” wide barricades include plastic boards with angle iron legs/uprights. Boards and legs can be purchased separately from each other. If you require a more details spec sheet than what’s below please let us know.

  • Get these 72” Type 3 barricades as complete units (unassembled) or as parts. All parts can work with any of the type 3 barricades listed, as long as they are the same style of type 3.
  • The steel upright frame is hot rolled and composed of durable carbon. It stands by a 2” x 2” square tubing receiver.
  • Base fastening can be permanent or short term due to the base design.
  • Frame and base stay protected from powder coated enamel paint.
  • Prices listed above are for 1” thick boards, 2” thick board pricing is not online so please call for that info.
  • Tightening problems are solved via end caps on the boards which give support.

72” Type 3 Barricade Specifications

Base Dimensions: 60.00" long X 1.50" (each side)
Base Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel
Base Weight: 8.5 lbs
Board Length: 6'
Board Material: UV Stabilized polymer with cold weather protection package
Board Thickness: 1.00" or 2.00"
Board Width: 8.00"
Center to Center Dimensions: 20.00" minimum
Colors: White
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of Top Board Above the Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of bottom panel / board off roadway: 12.00" minimum
Reflective Sheeting: Many options available
Upright Dimensions: 63.00"
Upright Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel
type 3 barricades

72” Type 3 Barricade FAQ

Can you explain reflective sheeting to me and what the different options mean?

Reflective sheeting or reflective tape is the orange and white stripes you see on the boards. They help give visibility to the barricades. There are three different kinds of reflective sheeting. Starting with the least reflective there is Engineer grade, Hi Intensity and Diamond grade.

Do these 72” barricades accept barricade lights?

Yes, each unit can hold two barricade lights.

Why are they called Type 3’s?

The type 3 stands for the number of sheeted boards. You can find out more by reading our blog post Type 3 barricades - what’s in the name?

Can I specify which way I want the sheeting to point?

Yes, just please tell us when you are placing the order. There is no extra charge.

Do you make/sell a barricade wider than 144”?

Yes, we can make them wider than 144”, call for a custom quote.

Would you suggest a wood or plastic type 3 barricade?

Price wise they will come out the same because they have similar weights as well as similar per unit pricing. We would suggest plastic as that seems to be what the market has been preferring and what the majority of our orders are.

When would these 72” barricades ship if I purchased them today?

Lead time depends on how many orders are in front and exactly what is ordered, so it is best to call to get a better idea. As far as transit time, expect 1-3 days to get to the East Coast and 1-3 days to get to the West Coast.

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