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Delineator Post [Price for 10]

Reflective Band Option
Regular Price: $199.70
On Sale For: $179.70 ($17.97 / each)

Delineator Posts


  • This was made for easy and quick setup, low maintenance and the highest visibility.
  • Positive locking of both post and base is insured via a "Flare-bottom" design that has one-inch wide right angle flare.
  • Want a height that is not listed? We can cut it to your size.
  • NCHRP-350 tested and certified. Meets crashworthy requirements.


Heights Available 18", 28", 36", 39" and 42"
Available Styles 500 Series 600 Series 700 Series
T-Top Handle N/A N/A Standard
Recessed Bands N/A N/A Standard
(3" or 4" bands)
Reflexite super high intensity only Reflexite super high intensity or 3M flexible high intensity Reflexite super high intensity or 3M flexible high intensity
Color Fluorescent orange, yellow or white
Material Low density polyethylene
Post Diameter O.D. 4 inches
Wall Thickness .090" - .110"
Post Bottom Contour 4 5/8" diameter plus 1" wide right angle flare
All specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notification.


What is a delineator?

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you explain ‘Delineator Post Bands’?
These bands are strips of reflective tape that make the bands easier to be seen especially when light is shined on them, as the light reflects back. All of these bands are Engineer Grade.


Are these open top delineators?
Yes, the top is open.

Can these stand up on their own?
We suggest buying bases with them as they can stand up, but just barely.

How heavy should my bases be?
For 20-30 mph winds you should use at least an 18.5lb base, for 30-40 mph we suggest adding on an 8lb base on top of the 18.5lb one.

How quickly can these ship out?
This simply depends on if my supplier is backed up with orders or not, we will help to push an order out if it is needed ASAP.

What will freight cost?
This will depend on your delivery location and the size of your order, please call for a quote!