What exactly are traffic delineators?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 By: admin

traffic delineatorsIf you are reading this you probably are trying to figure out what traffic delineators are because you were asked to purchase some yet have never heard of them before.  Well, the image to the left is one of the more common delineators, it’s basically just a taller traffic cone (typically 42″ versus a 28″ traffic cone) that is a straight up and down post.

The yellow/white bands at the top of the posts are reflective, making them easier to be seen.  Also, these require bases to stand up properly, which are not pictured here.  They range from 8lb to 20lbs typically, I would recommend 12lbs or higher.

The top of the delineators can either be flat top, Ringtop, T Top, etc.  Ringtops and T Tops or Grabber Tops are easier to pick up and move from the top handle, or thread rope/caution tape through.

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