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Mini SLED System

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Mini SLED System For Water Wall Barrier


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The SLED Mini from TrafFix Devices is a MASH Tested and Passed as a Uni- and Bi-Directional applications and as a TL-2 End Treatment for the TrafFix Water Wall Cable Barrier or Concrete Barrier.  With its stout design, the SLED Mini virtually eliminates vaulting of the impacting vehicle, even for larger vehicles such as Pickup Trucks and SUVs. The patented Containment Impact Sled (CIS) minimizes the debris field after a crash protecting work zone personnel and other motorists. The narrow width of the SLED Mini is ideal for lower speed works zones and requires no foundation achors to setup.

Quick and easy setup minimizes installation and worker exposure time.


The product above is a SLED Mini TL2 system for attaching to concrete barriers.  It includes (2) Yellow Modules (Water Walls) as well as the SLED system, T Pin, Keeper Pin, and the transition hardware needed to connect the water wall to the concrete barrier.  It does not include any orange water walls.  

If you are wanting to attach this to Water Wall Cable Barriers that you already have, you only need (1) Yellow Module and the system will still meet TL2 Specifications.  Please call/email for this set up designed to connect to Water Wall Cable Barriers as it is significantly less expensive.