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Type III Sentinel Barricade All Plastic 6ft (72") [Price for 3]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
American Louver
Regular Price: $460.50
On Sale For: $430.50 ($143.50 / each)
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Upright Snaps Into Base Easy Two Piece Design

  • Meets MUTCD, also NCHRP-350 Accepted
  • Boards are 1" thick, this barricade is 6' wide, we also have a 4' wide barricade
  • Sheeting available via drop down menu above, one or two sides EG, HI or DG grade reflective sheeting
  • Please note this unit is not designed to accept barricade lights
  • Base of unit can be filled with sand or water in warmer areas. Also sandbags can be placed over the top of the base.