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Type III Wood Barricades 96" Wide [Price for 3]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
Traffix Devices
Regular Price: $488.85
On Sale For: $458.85 ($152.95 / each)

Type III Wood & Steel Barricade 96" Wide

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  • Get this 8’ type 3 barricade as an assembled unit or as disassembled parts. All parts are interchangeable across units and parts such as legs and boards can be bought separately.
  • The heavy duty hot rolled carbon steel upright plus base stand by a 2” x 2” square tubing receiver.
  • A barricade light can mount on each side of the wood barricade.
  • If you need a spec sheet or more pictures please let us know.
  • Base is designed in a way to allow the choice between permanent and temporary fastening.
  • Frame and base are guarded from the elements due to powder coated enamel paint.
  • Plywood boards can accept reflective sheeting on both sides.


Base Color: White powder coated enamel paint
Base Dimensions: 60.00" long X 1.50" (each side)
Base Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel
Base Weight: 8.5 lbs
Board Length: 8'
Board Material: Plywood
Board Thickness: 3/4"
Board Width: 8.00"
Center to Center Dimensions: 20.00" minimum
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of Top Board Above the Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of bottom panel / board off roadway: 12.00" minimum
Overall Height: 60.00" minimum
Reflective Sheeting: Many options available
Upright Dimensions: 63.00"
Upright Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel


Can you explain your reflective sheeting options?
The least reflective sheeting is Engineer Grade, the next level up is Hi Intensity and the most reflective option is the Diamond Grade sheeting.

Can you mount a barricade light on this?
Yes each barricade can hold two barricade lights.

Can I request the direction of the sheeting?
You can choose the direction of your reflective sheeting; we would just need to know at the time of the order.

What if I want a barricade that’s wider than 12 feet?
We do have supplier that will make barricades over 12 feet, just let us know what you need and will get you a quote!

What material is this barricade made of?
The legs are steel and the boards are plywood.

Does this come complete with legs?
Yes this is a complete unit.

Is wood or plastic a better choice when it comes to barricade type?
We typically recommend plastic because of its popularity, plus it’s easier to handle and the same cost as its wood counterpart (and usually the same weight).

If I ordered today, when would I see my shipment?
The factors that influence lead time change daily so we ask that you call for the most accurate lead time. As far as transit time goes, it will take 1-3 days if you are on the West Coast, and 4-5 days on the East Coast.

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