Transportation Supply was founded off of Brandon's Safety Lights (, where our main product was barricade lights. After realizing many of our customers were also looking for other traffic safety products, we wanted to expand our selection. That is when we started up this site. With an interface that can support more products we built up our selection to include almost every type of traffic safety item out there. We also try to offer as many brands as possible in order to give you the most options.

Recently we have been expanding our business to Airport and Crowd Control products. We are constantly on the look out for good deals in order to pass on those savings to you, our customer. Some of our suppliers have warehouses on both the East and West coast so we can give you savings on shipping.

We are working on implementing a full scale shipping system online, so no matter how big of an order you are looking at, a shipping quote can be obtained instantly. We are working on combining this with spec sheets for all our products in order to give you a custom quote with all specs on one sheet so you can print it out and have it on hand.