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36 x 72 Guardsafe Barrier w/ Fence [Price for 4]

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Regular Price: $2,319.80
On Sale For: $2,239.80 ($559.95 / each)

36" x 72" Water Fillable Plastic Barrier Guardsafe Brand w/ Complete Fence System

Ships From PA        See Fence Details At Bottom

This barrier is 36" tall, 72" long and 24" deep. 70lbs empty, 790lbs when filled with water. This is a brand new barrier just entering the market. Swivel pin design allows barriers to lock together and rotate to create up to 90 degree angles. Great for enclosing job sites in pedestrian-heavy cities like Brooklyn, Boston, Manhattan etc. Fence option coming soon, as of now any fence solution is up to the contractor to produce or outsource. But it is designed with fence in mind.


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  • Barrier won't crumble or break after multiple deployments like concrete barriers.
  • Ideal for traffic control, crowds, checkpoints, and security
  • Create continuous lines or curves angled up to 90 degrees with an easy to use swivel pin design
  • Molded-in recessed handles for easy handling
  • Large, threaded top fill-port and dual bottom drain plugs make it easy to load and unload with sand or water ballast.
  • Two molded-in pockets on top of barrier accept standard barricade lights. Note: extra long bolts may be required for mounting.
  • Flat side surfaces easily accept reflective striping tape.
  • Durable polyethylene construction stands up to harsh weather conditions and resists cracks and dents upon impact.
  • High resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation means the product stays in service longer.
  • Bright colors improve safety and are easier to see than concrete or wood.
  • Lightweight design makes for easy handling, more portable barrier.


Fence Topper Details:


Comes with the following

-66”x 47” Fence Panels (1 For Each Barrier) - 2” Posts (2 For The First Panel, Then 1 For Each Additional Panel) - Saddle Clamps (4 for Each Panel) - 3“Carriage Bolts (1 For Each Saddle Clamp) - 9/16”Nut (1 For Each Saddle Clamp) 

•Easy to assemble and install

•Custom signage available

•Protects pedestrians from accidental injury

•Increases visibility and provides security for any project

•Prevents unauthorized access to construction and work zones

•Ideal for temporary work zones, perimeter fencing, and crowd control


Important Details

  • Total Height With Barrier and Fence 96" Tall
  • 72" Center to Center Spacing
  • 11 1/2" Galvanized Chain Link Wire
  • Posts are 2.00" Diameter 16" Galvanized


Due to this barrier's location and weight, please contact us for shipping costs. Very competitive North East/East Coast shipping rates.