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11 x 1 High Speed Rumble Strips

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High Speed Rumble Strip Features

These high speed rumble strips are designed for 40+ mph speeds on roadways.
Temporary Portable Rumble Strips (TPRS) - As Classified on Approved/Qualified Product Lists

The Alert High Speed Rumble Strip provides increased driver awareness of upcoming changes in road conditions with sight, sound, and sensation. Safe for both low and high speed roads as well as all vehicle types, including motorcycles.

These 11 x 1 high speed rumble strips are currently approved by DOT in the following states: TX, WA, OR, ID, NV, ND, SC, NE, MN, WI, AR, LA, IN, AL, GA, FL, VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA


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The Alert High Speed Rumble Strip is comprised of 20 forged steel and aluminum Segments, tapered on leading and trailing edges. Each Segment has a treaded urethane bottom for increased traction on road surfaces, even in wet weather. Segments are connected via two (2) marine grade galvanized steel cables with stainless steel spacers separating each Segment. Section Segments alternate between Black (steel) and Silver (aluminum) for increased visibility on both asphalt and concrete road surfaces. Each Alert High Speed Section is designed with a handle on one end for easy maneuvering and deployment, and a jigsaw connection on the other which allows two (2) Sections to be connected to form a Strip. A single Strip is long enough to span the width of the average road lane. A Set of Alert High Speed is comprised of three (3) Strips, or six (6) Sections.  We only sell by the strips (online at least) to make it easier to understand.  Pricing isn't any less for those other options.

- Discussions and or Testing with DOTs in CA, UT, NM, OK, MO, MI, IA, OH, VT, NC, SC, AL and HI
- No TPRS specs in MT, WY, CO, AR, Ill, KY or NH. Contractors need to make DOT aware of their use on each project
- WV and TN do not support Temporary Portable Rumble Strips (TN made this decision last year)

We expect CA and OK to approve soon.


It is recommended to lay out a Set of Alert High Speed on the roadway preceding the work zone to alert potentially distracted drivers to the upcoming construction work zone, or a change in traffic conditions. The placement and spacing of work zone rumble strips is determined by local road authorities.


Potential Applications

These high speed rumble strips are suitable for:

  • Emergency Traffic Control
  • Flagger Operations
  • Pilot Car Operations Road & Highway Maintenance 
  • Temporary Checkpoints
  • Temporary Lane Closures/Shifts

Alerts drivers to temporary work zones, flagger operations and safety check points.In work zone accidents, more drivers are injured or killed than construction workers. The Alert High Speed Rumble Strip is designed to alert drivers to changing road conditions. It can significantly reduce the major causes of work zone accidents, injuries, and fatalities.



Alert High Speed Strip Specifications

Weight 150 lbs. [68 kg]
Height ¾" [19 mm]
Length 11' [3.35 m]
Width 12½" [0.3 m]
Segments 40
Material Textured steel, textured aluminum, urethane, stainless steel, galvanized braided steel cable