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42 x 72 Jersey Style LCD Barriers [Price for 4]

Optional Fence System (See Image #2)
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Regular Price: $1,599.80
On Sale For: $1,559.80 ($389.95 / each)

Jersey Style LCD Barrier 42" x 72" 80lbs

Each 42 x 72 jersey style LCD barrier weighs 80 lbs and 178 lbs when filled with 10.8 gallons of water for Federal regulations. Otherwise, the barrier can be filled with as much as 150 gallons of water bringing the weight to 1305 lbs.

This LCD jersey barrier has an average minimum useful life of 8 years. It ships from Utah and we offer discounts on orders of 20+ units. Call or Email for Shipping Rate, Varies Based On Location & Quantity

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42 x 72 LCD Jersey Barrier Specifications

  • Dimensions: 42″H x72″L x24″W
  • Weight: 80 lbs. Empty
  • Thickness: 156″ thick high-density

What does 'LCD' mean?

A Longitudinal Channelizing Barricade (LCD) is a federally-designated version of a traffic barricade. These were made to give visual guidance for pedestrians and motorists. Think of them as a supplement to traffic drums when delineation is required. Keep in mind these units do not give positive protection.

An LCD is a great way to fill the middle ground in safety between the danger that concrete barriers pose to vehicles versus the gaps in lines of traffic drums that can allow vehicles and pedestrians into the work zone.

For an LCD barrier to be certified for job site use, the unit must pass NCHRP-350 requirements on the crash test and the supplier will then be issued a Federal Acceptance Letter. Part of the requirement is that the manufacturer who holds the acceptance letter can show the letter right on request.

Water Fillable LCD Jersey Barriers Replace Concrete Barriers!

Not all construction zones have to have concrete jersey barriers. Concrete barriers need to be used only under two circumstances (per the Roadside Design Guide): When the hazard behind the barrier would cause more damage than the impact of the concrete barrier, or to stop a stray vehicle from crashing into a zone where workers would potentially be at risk. Using concrete barrier systems as a delineation device is considered poor practice and unnecessarily dangerous. These LCD barriers form a wall and stop cars and people from wandering into a construction area.

Benefits & Safety of LCD Barriers

  • A lot easier to set up than a concrete barrier
  • Comes will all necessary hardware and in any configuration, it can form an interlocking wall
  • These units have enough of a presence that drivers respect them.
  • Other traffic safety products like drums and cones can be widely spaced causing them to be confusing. LCD’s give great positive visual delineation because they form a wall.
  • The other delineation devices can also easily be tipped over by nature (weather conditions) or traffic – these water-filled barricades are a lot more stable
  • During the night and in bad weather, they delineate work area positively

42 x 72 Jersey Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mount barricade lights to these 42 x 72 LCD barriers?

They are not built to accept barricade lights, but we’ve had customers who made their own mount and were able to fix a barricade light to this barrier.

Can You Give Me Shipping Specifications?

Yes, shipping is not cheap with these, but we help offset these costs by providing some of the lowest unit prices in the industry. If you are near Clearfield, Utah (84016) shipping will not be too high. Also, please note that we have other Jersey Style barricades that ship from Indiana, and some that ship from Pennsylvania, give us a call to find the barrier that is closest to you. See past shipping quotes on LCD barriers here.

What Are The Shipping Dimensions?

Of course, these are shipping class 250, and they ship with 5 units on each pallet. A pallet weighs 40lbs itself and each unit is 80 lbs empty.

I need the most economical 42 x 72 Jersey Barrier, what do you suggest?

In most cases this will be the most economical unit because it is 20 lbs lighter than our ‘regular’ Jersey barrier (that ship from Indiana) and is $20 less per unit. However, if you are on the East Coast our 'GUARDSAFE' unit may be better because of shipping costs (ships from PA). This Guardian Barrier is in California for the same price, so this could be a better deal if you are in that area. Request a quote on all barriers if you want and see which comes out as the lowest overall price!

Do You Offer Used 42 x 72 Jersey Barriers at Discounted Prices?

We do have used LCD barriers sometimes and will pass on a great discount for you. Call to see if we have any in stock!

Purchase 42 x 72 LCD Jersey Barriers Today.

Give us a call, or email, or chat to get a custom 42 x 72 Jersey barrier quote with the most accurate shipping. In our experience, it will usually be cheaper than the online calculator. You can view additional traffic barriers on our site if you require other barrier types.

Frequently Asked Questions