Estimating Shipments – Indiana Traffic Barriers

Friday, August 16, 2013 By: admin

BarrierIn this post I am showing the cost of the items we ship out of Indiana.  We ship out the 42 x 72 Jersey Barrier and the 42 x 96 Barrier from there.  We don’t have too much data on these but it can still serve a purpose of giving you an idea of shipping costs to your region.  We are showing the cost per pound as different versions of these barriers have different weights so we have a lot more data per pound.


West Coast

$3700 for 9200lbs going to CA =  40 cents per lb

$4807 for 6000lbs going to CA = 80 cents per lb

Average cost: = 55 cents per lb


East Coast

$800 for 440lbs going to NY = $1.82 per lb

$41,400 for 342,000lbs going to MD = 12 cents per lb

$14,250 for 52,800lbs going to FL = 26 cents per lb

$2900 for 7200lbs going to NJ = 40 cents per lb

Average cost = 15 cents per lb



$1650 for 1500lbs going to TX = $1.10 per lb

$209 for 300lbs going to LA = 70 cents per lb

$890 for 2400lbs going to GA = 37 cents per lb

Average cost = 56 cents per lb



$265 for 1000lbs going to OH = 26 cents per lb

$190 for 500lbs going to MI = 39 cents per lb

Average cost = 30 cents per lb


As you can see the prices vary a lot based on the weight of the shipments.  The lower the weight the less of a deal you are going to get on shipping.  If you need help comparing this to your current shipment, give us a call or email!

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