Need Just A Few Traffic Cones?

Friday, October 18, 2013 By: admin

traffic cones, traffic cone, orange cone, orange traffic cone, construction cone, construction cones, plastic cone, plastic conesWhen I tell people about my business and what I sell, the first response is usually asking if I can sell them a few traffic cones as they want one for their apartment, dorm, a race in their backyard etc.  While I (and I am sure other traffic safety vendors) would love to be able to sell small quantities, the manufacturers don’t.  They want to sell 100’s at a time!

So here are a few resources for finding those 1 or 2 or 5 cones.  First try your local home depot, I have seen them sold as single units and for not a bad price!  If you don’t have a home depot or they are all out, try your local hardware store.  Even a mom and pop shop (like what I have in my hometown) could carry them because utility companies, the local police, cable companies and more all need small quantities at different times.

Need your cones to be colored?  Well now it gets a little more difficult.  Obviously they typically come in orange.  To find fluorescent green, pink, red etc you will most likely have to look online.  To find a company that doesn’t have a minimum order look for those that keep their products in stock.  That way the manufacturer’s don’t have to be hassled to send out 3 green traffic cones.

And finally, if you live in a big city (New York City, LA, Chicago) there is most likely a brick and mortar traffic safety company within the city.  I don’t imagine minimum orders apply there.

If you happen to need 10 more more we can help you out! Come to our website and shop around!

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