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Airport Barricade Requirements

Friday, May 17, 2013 By: admin

Airport BarricadeWhen it comes to airport projects, the wording in the requirements can be quite tricky.  This is especially true when you don’t know anything about airport barricades.  It’s going to be a toss up whether they want to call the screw in airport lights flashers, barricade lights, solar beacons and are they going to tell you the number required per barricade?

A lot of the times you need to really read into the requirements to see all the airport barricade needs.  And we want to offer you help.  If you have trouble understanding the requirements go ahead and give us a call at (413) 281-6393.  We should be able to help.

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Orange / White Airport Barriers

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 By: admin

This post is for those of you who traveled over the holidays and noticed the orange and white airport barricades on the runway and wondered what their purpose was.  Most likely they had one or two red lights that were blinking on them, and possibly a flag or two.  These are used almost exclusively on airports that are under construction.

They are to warn pilots that the runways in under construction  and the lights make them easier to be seen.  The short height and long width make them perfect for being placed right down the runway.  You won’t typically see them on working runways though it can happen.