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Airport Construction Lights Explained

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 By: admin

screw in airport lightWhen it comes to airport construction, there are only a handful of lights you are likely to see on a runway that are FAA approved.  The first, most common light is the red screw in solar 360 degree light typically mounted on a 10″ x 96″ airport barricade.  There are a few different versions of this light out there, but they should all have the same thread and thread diameter so they can fit in any screw hole on a runway barricade.

boxbaseThe next airport light you will see is very similar to the above light except the base.  This light is pictured on the right.  The ‘box base’ as it is typically called is designed to easily mount onto road barricades or traffic drums which may sometimes be seen on airports.  They can also mount on some versions of the airport barricade if there is a hole for that.

And the last common light you will see is actually called a ‘barricade light’ and is usually used on roads but can be approved by the FAA for use on airports with it’s red light version.  The lens are typically about 7″ in diameter, and it’s a bi-directional lens.  Again these are usually mounted on a traffic drum or barricade, but can also be put on airport barricades.

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