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Delineation Devices

Thursday, August 13, 2015 By: admin

Here we talk about three different types of delineation devices.  Delineation is basically the act of separating traffic or keeping traffic away from a certain area.  This can be important in toll booth lanes, parking lots, college campuses where you have foot traffic and pedestrian traffic and in a lot of other scenarios.

Parade Barricades are great for blocking off road ways and separating motorists from events like parades, food festivals and more.  They have a ‘friendly’ look than a typical orange traffic control device.  They also are longer and will cover a greater distance for each unit.

Ringtop Delineators are good for when you are separating traffic in parking lots, warning pedestrian of construction zones and alerting people that a working area is coming up.  These are very affordable, and portable.  The ring on top makes putting caution tape or plastic chain link fence through easy.

Vertical Panels…

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Delineator Posts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 By: admin
Ringtop Delineator

Delineator Post

This post is about well…delineator posts.  If you stumbled upon this hopefully you don’t know what one of these is, because I will describe it here.  When trying to describe a delineator post to someone quickly, I tell them it’s like a tall traffic cone.  This is true because it is taller than a traffic cone but false because it’s a lot skinnier and doesn’t have a cone shape – instead it has a ‘post’ shape.

They are used to ‘delineate’ traffic meaning they direct cars based on their layout, basically they create temporary lanes.  Colors can range from orange to white to yellow but the most common are orange.  They average around $20 each which is higher than most would guess.

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Understanding Delineator Posts

Friday, December 7, 2012 By: admin

What exactly are delineators posts?  They are similar to traffic cones except they are skinny and tall making them easier to be seen by cars.  Delineators are used to ‘channelize’ or direct traffic into a certain zone, or to keep it out of a certain zone in the case of a road construction site.

There are multiple brands of delineator posts, and depending on what style you want, you may have to commit to the brand that produces that style.  There are T Top Delineators which have a handle at the top.  There are also Ringtop Delineators which also have a handle, but it’s more of a rectangular handle.  Then there are standard Open Top Delineators which don’t have a handle so they are just flat or open at the top.

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Delineator Posts Provide Convenience

Thursday, May 20, 2010 By: Road-Safety

During highway construction projects, the route for cars and other vehicles is constantly in flux. Not only is this frustrating for those behind the wheel, but it can also cause headaches for construction crews who constantly have to change the location of cones and barriers. Fortunately, several pieces of equipment can help crews deviate the flow of traffic with ease.

One of the most indispensible pieces of traffic safety equipment is the basic delineator. These posts are available in several different sizes, which makes them ideal for large freeways and small cross streets alike. Due to their unique design, delineator posts can effectively alter the flow of traffic without inflicting any damage on the vehicle in the event that they are hit.