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Infrastructure in America: What Do You Think?

Thursday, November 21, 2013 By: admin

BridgeBeing active on my company Facebook account, I see a lot of talk about crumbling infrastructure in the US.  This is obviously not a situation where bridges are failing left and right here in the US as we would see that in the news, but it seems to be just a matter of time before we are in a situation where we need to spend huge amounts of money to bring our airports, roadways, and railways back up to a safe zone.

And what does this mean for traffic safety?  Will there be an increase in the amount of road construction we see when our country finally fixes these issues?  Or will we resort to simply building new highways next to (or above) already existing highways?  We know the headache and delays construction can cause.

On another note, there must be a reason this is not getting as much attention from the president as it should.  Do you think this is because there are more pressing issues on the table? Read: obamacare, military defense, education.  Or maybe the president actually doesn’t even consider this an issue?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave them below.