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Barriers w/ Fence System on Top

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 By: admin

42 x 72 w/ Fence Panel

Occasionally we get requests for plastic jersey barriers that can accept fence on top.  It’s a little scary to think of selling someone a barrier and assuming the fence they have or plan to buy works with it without actually trying it out first.  This is why we like to sell fence system that we know work with specific barriers.

We have two barriers that accept fences.  The first is our 42″ x 72″ Jersey Style LCD 80lb Barrier that comes from Utah.  The fence that goes on it is 48″ tall x 71″ wide.  When you buy the fence system, it comes with all the hardware needed to get the fence installed.

The other barrier is our 36″ x 60″ Water Fillable Barrier that ships from PA or NJ.  The total height of the fence system for this barrier is 8ft tall.  All we need to know is the total area you are trying to cover with the barriers as well as your zip code and we can get you a full quote.

36 x 60 Barrier w/ Fence System

If you need any spec sheets on the barriers or fence systems please let us know!

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Traffic Barriers from Pennsylvania – How to Estimate Shipping

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 By: admin

GuardsafeThis other version of Jersey Barrier comes from PA.  This is a good option if you are on the East Coast or around PA as shipping can be a killer if you are too far away from the warehouse.  We have them in 100lbs, 130lbs and 170lbs.  Check them out here.

Some water is still going to be in the barrier (as they water test them) and it usually adds 3lbs.  So if a barrier is 100lbs use 103lbs when calculating the weight of your shipment.  Also this supplier doesn’t ship on pallets, so no need to calculate the weight of the pallet.

We don’t have a lot of info on this particular barrier because we haven’t sold a lot of them yet, but we do have shipping rates for East Coast shipments.  I will be sure to update this post as new quotes come in.

East Coast

400lbs for $318 to NY = 80 cents a pound

1330lbs for $662 to MD = 50 cents a pound

618lbs for $271 to PA = 44 cents a pound

2781lbs for $718 to NY = 26 cents a pound


West Coast

no data yet on this one.  Will update.



1236lbs for $940 to TX = 76 cents a pound

45320lbs for $12,750 to FL = 28 cents a pound



no data yet on this one.  Will update.


Need help calculating your shipping still?  Or need an exact quote?  Give me a call (413) 281-6393.

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More Shipping Estimating – Jersey and Airport Barriers

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 By: admin

jersey barrierThis post is dedicated to estimating shipping costs on barriers which include jersey barriers, water fill able barricades and airport barricades as they all ship in the same class (class 250 – different classes have different costs).  In other posts I focused on cost per unit when determining average cost to ship to a particular region.

Because unit weights vary across barrier products (19lb airport barricade versus 130lb jersey barrier) I think it will make more sense to calculate cost based on price per pound.  I will also separate it out based on where they are shipping from.  This first post will be about barriers I have that ship out of Utah.

Airport BarricadeSo first off here are the products I have that ship out of Utah: LCD Jersey Barrier, 10 x 96 Airport Barricade and the 24 x 96 Airport Barricade.  Below are the averages I have found going back to the beginning of 2012.  As you can see the prices can vary a lot and this seems to be due to volume.  You are going to get a much better rate per pound shipping 13,000 lbs versus 200 lbs.


West Coast

$645 for 1,381 lbs to WA = 46 cents per lb

$167 for 267lbs going to AZ = 62 cents per lb

$253 for 384lbs going to MT = 65 cents per lb

$2180 for 4710lbs going to MT = 46 cents per lb

Average: 54 cents per lb


East Coast

$8244 for 13,200 lbs to NY = 62 cents per lb

$418 for 420 lbs going to NY = 99 cents per lb

$1016 for 1300lbs going to MD = 78 cents per lb

$245 for 203lbs going to ME = $1.20 per lb

Average: 90 cents per lb



$1020 for 1500lbs going to LA = 60 cents per lb

$1000 for 1500lbs gong to LA = 66 cents per lb

$310 for 500lbs going to AR = 62 cents per lb

$725 for 1100 lbs going to GA = 65 cents per lb

Average: 63 cents per lb



$437 for 1048lbs going to NE = 42 cents per lb

$945 for 1376lbs going to MI = 68 cents per lb

$1600 for 1954lbs going to MI = 81 cents per lb

Average: 63 cents per lb


If you need any help finding out how many pounds your shipment is or understanding this mini guide give Brandon a call at (413) 281-6393.

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What are Jersey Barriers?

Monday, July 22, 2013 By: admin

jersey barrierJersey barriers are known as K-rail to the western US (California Department of Transportation came up with K-rail).  They are either concrete or plastic barrier walls used during highway construction to separate opposing lanes of traffic.  The barriers we sell are plastic water fill-able barriers.  They are easier to ship than concrete barriers because they weigh a lot less.

A typical jersey barrier is 32″ tall but lots are also 42″ tall.  The first picture to the left is a 42 x 72″ water fill-able barrier.  Jersey barriers were invented in New Jersey in the 1950’s at the Stevens Institute of Technology.  The main goal of the barrier is to prevent head on collisions from the other lane when a vehicle goes off course.

highway barrierThe official name for a 42″ tall barrier is an Ontario Tall Wall.  The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, Canada is replacing guardrails these these taller-jersey barriers on some 400-series highways.

It is important to note that the first barrier pictured on the left is not approved for use on highways by the FHWA but the second barrier you see on the left is.  It’s called an MB350 barrier and is actually safer than a concrete barrier in a crash.  This barrier meets the TL3 compliance by FHWA when 33 barriers are interconnected in a row, and each barrier must be ballasted to equal 1,500lbs.

It’s also popular to use jersey barriers to provide some protection against possible terrorist attacks.  They have even been used in the G-20 summit to prevent protesters from getting in restricted territory.  We sell the MB350 here and the 42 x 72 (first one) here:

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Jersey Barrier Options

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 By: admin

When it comes to Jersey Barriers, it is important to know a few basic things.  First off, know that most of them are 42″ tall, 24″ wide and 72″ wide.  They can be called traffic barriers, road barricades, construction barriers and more.  There are water fill-able jersey barriers and there are concrete barriers.

We are going to be talking about the water fill-able barriers.  They can be filled with sand or water typically.  Also know that some have kits to make them safe on highways (an iron bar goes horizontally across the barrier) and another option is having a reflective strip.  The stripes are orange/white typically, making the barriers easier to see.

These lighter models are used in instances where a customer would want to save on shipping costs, and/or the customer wants to be able to drain the barrier and transport it to a new location with ease.  If you have other questions about barriers drop me an email and I will do my best to answer!