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Mounting Barricade Lights

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 By: admin

Most traffic control products are designed to accept barricade lights.  From Ringtop Delineators, A Frame Barricades to Traffic Drums these products all have holes specifically placed on the product to make mounting easy.  With that said, it’s important to know how big of a bolt is required for a given product.

For example, this Ringtop Delineator requires a 4″ long bolt in order to mount a light on, and most barricade lights come standard with 3 1/2″ bolts.  If you need these mounted for a job and don’t find that out until the day of, someone is going to have to run to Home Depot and avoiding that all together is always better.

Some products like the water fillable jersey barriers don’t have specific spots for barricade lights.  The best bet for mounting these is to get a ‘U Clamp’ which can be found at local hardware stores.  Sometimes you need to get creative and rig something up, but barricade lights can ultimately fit on plastic jersey barriers.