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Traffic Barriers

Friday, March 26, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barriers, traffic barrier, orange barrier, orange barriers, barrier barricades, barrier barricade, jersey style barrierWhat exactly are traffic barriers?  Well they are a couple different things, depending on the type of traffic barrier.  There are concrete barriers, plastic barriers filled with sand or water, and other types of barriers.  Plastic barriers are usually recyclable and stack able as well.

Traffic barriers are used to guide vehicles or pedestrians, or to block access to certain areas.  Compared to other traffic control products they command the respect of drivers more because of how they look.  Make sure the traffic barriers you purchase are stack able, because a lot of money can be saved in transportation costs.

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Traffic Barriers – What?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barrier, traffic barriers, orange barriers, orange barrier, construction barrier, MB350 barrier, MB350 barriersA lot of people don’t know what a traffic barrier is.  Well, this post is to explain some of the common features found in traffic barriers.  Traffic barriers are lot more heavy duty than a standard traffic barricade, for example.  They are designed to take the impact of a vehicle and redirect it.

Before buying a traffic barrier, make sure it is NCHRP-350 approved, meaning it meets the requirements and can take an impact at different levels.  Level 1 is 30MPH, level 2 is 45MPH and level 3 is 62.5MPH.  They are usually used to replace concrete medians, and are set up in long, long sections.