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What’s an A-Frame Barricade?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 By: admin
Plastic Barricade

Plastic Barricade

It can be hard to research a product when you don’t even know the various names it has.  For example, lets say you have a project that calls for (200) Plastic A Frame Barricades 8/8×24″ EG 12 Guage Legs.  Most people have no idea what this means.  I’m here to help you understand, you see a-frame is a barricade that looks like an ‘A’ when standing up and viewed from the side.

There are multiple kinds of a-frames barricades, but the basics you need to know to be able to talk to someone about purchasing these would be what it’s made of out (plastic, plywood, plastic boards iron legs?), the type of sheeting needed and if it’s only needed on the top or needed on the top and bottom?  And then the size of the sheeting as well as if you need 12 guage (thicker) or 14 guage (skinnier) legs.  Once you know all this you are ready to start comparing prices.

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Parade Barricades and Their Many Names

Friday, December 14, 2012 By: admin

They can be called parade barricades, a-frame barricades type 1 or type 2 barricades or a bunch of other things.  Basically these are barricades used for crowd control or to block off certain areas in a parking field, parking lot etc.  Two legs with one or two boards ranging from 4′ long to 12′ long (or even longer if you have a custom built one).

The legs and boards also have options.  For example, if you want orange/white reflective sheeting, you can have it on one side, two sides and it can range from Engineer Grade to Diamond Grade.  The boards can be either 1″ thick or 1.75″ thick and the legs can be sand fill-able to add extra weight for sturdiness.  If you have any question about parade barricades please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Type 3 Barricades What’s the Difference?

Monday, June 14, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

type 3 barricades, type 3 barricade, traffic barricade, traffic barricades, type 1 barricade, type 2 barricades, type 2 barricadeIf one was searching for type 3 barricades they may wonder, what is the difference between these traffic barricades?  For example there are type 1 barricades, type 2 barricades and then type 3.  There are a couple difference but there is one that is the most obvious.

A type 3 barricade has 3 boards across it, a type 2 has two boards and a type 1 has one board.  Type 3 are usually wider than type 1 or two.  I also notice that type 3 is commonly used to block off roads.

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Type 3 Barricades Give Safety

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

type 3 barricades, type iii barricades, type 3 barricade, type iii barricade, traffic barricade, type 1 barricade, type 2 barricade, traffic barricadesIt’s important to know that those type 3 barricades you see on the side of the road are actually there for your safety.  Because we see so many of them during the construction season, we most likely get tired of anything orange and with reflective tape.  But the truth is, all of those traffic safety products are very important.

Imagine a world without traffic barricades.  We wouldn’t know what was and was not construction, we would probably end up going onto roads that are closed and have dead ends.  In other words, we would probably be in a lot of trouble.  Think of this next time you sigh at the site of a type 3 barricade.

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Type 3 Barricade Features

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

type 3 barricades, type 3 barricade, type 2 barricades, type 2 barricade, type 1 barricades, type 1 barricade, traffic barricade, traffic barricadesThere are many different features that can come on your type 3 barricade.  For example, did you know you can usually pick a 14 or 12 guage foot on the legs of your traffic barricade?  Well, you probably didn’t, and you probably don’t know what that is.

12 guage just means the leg is slightly thinner than the 14 guage.  The legs on type 3 barricades are typically steel, so deciding the guage is a way of deciding how tough you want the legs to be.  This is just one of many options that are out there when looking for traffic barricades.