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Solar Barricade Lights Online

Thursday, June 17, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, barricade light, barricade lights, type b solar barricade lights, type b solar barricade lightHere are some tips when searching for solar barricade lights online.  First, let me start by saying the websites at the top of the results in search engines are not always the cheapest.  I would recommended at least going to the 2nd page (11 or more results) when looking for barricade lights.

Also, if you are searching for a specific type of barricade light, type that exact name into the engine.  You may find that there are different results, which may be cheaper, when you get more specific.

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Solar Barricade Lights Intensity

Thursday, June 10, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, type b solar barricade lightI get a lot of questions on solar barricade lights, particularly type b solar barricade lights.  A common question is how bright these lights are.  It is not easy to measure brightness, but a quick check on the number of LEDs is a quick and dirty way of finding out how bright they will shine.

Type b barricade lights shine brighter than regular barricade lights, and because of that they will cost you more.  There is also a solar assist option that is gaining popularity which trickle charges that batteries in the light.

solar assist type b barricade light, type b barricade light, solar type b barricade light, type b flasherIf you need a light that flashes 24/7, then a type b barricade light is what you are looking for.  Though they cost between $80-$90 (versus a regular light that costs between $15-$20), that is the only barricade light that you will be able to see during the day and night.  Also, type b barricade lights are naturally brighter because they have LEDs in them, so if you are putting up lights for a dangerous area and you want to MAKE SURE people see them, then type b is your best bet.

There are a variety of brands and options of type b barricade lights, so it is important to explore all the possibilities.  But first off, realize that ALL type b lights have a hood on them and only flash on one side (all the energy is focused on flashing one way).  The four type b barricade lights I know of; Empco 212-3S Solar Assist Model, Empco regular type b, Empco type b d-cell, and Solar Masters fully solar type b light.  The “Solar Assist” model has 4 d-cell batteries that are ‘trickle charged’ by the solar panel when it is outside.  The batteries last about 9 months before they have to be replaced.  The Empco regular type b takes one or two 6 volt batteries (depending on the model) and the Empco type b d-cell takes (4) d-cell batteries.  The d-cell lasts around 60 days, the 12 volt lasts around 60 and the 6 volt lasts around 150 before the batteries has to be replaced.