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Construction Season Means Traffic Barrels

Thursday, April 22, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barrels, traffic barrel, traffic drum, traffic drums, traffic channelizer, traffic channelizers, orange drum, construction drum, yellow drums, orange drums, construction drumsWith spring comes construction season, and with construction season is long lines of traffic because of road construction.  Miles upon miles of orange traffic barrels, safety cones and blinking lights.  But don’t get mad, just think about how much better the roads will be once it’s all over!

Well, that may not be true, but realize that the constant upkeep of our roads is good for our safety.  If we didn’t have a government that was constantly doing construction in order to keep us safe, well, we wouldn’t be safe.  So next time you pass that traffic barrel and come to a complete stop, try to be a little more positive!