Traffic Message Boards – what do they say?

Monday, May 17, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic message boards, traffic message board, traffic control message board, traffic control message boards, arrowboards, arrow boards, arrow board, arrowboard, traffic boards, traffic control boards, Traffic message boards have a variety of messages that are displayed on them.  Just when I was on the road a few days ago, I saw a message that said “5/11 – road work – mon-fri – 3am-7am”.  The amount of messages that can be displayed are never ending, but in my experience they typically have to do with construction.

There have been times when I noticed it mentioned that traffic was ahead, or that the weather is expected to get worse, or the road is icy, etc.  The bottom line is, no matter what the message is, you should always pay attention to the message boards.

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