Work Zone Awareness Week

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 By: admin

arrow boards, arrowboards, arrow board, arrowboard, traffic message board, traffic message boards, traffic control message boardsIt has been a bit since we have posted here so I wanted to touch on some things.  I have been an active Facebook and Google Plus user for quite awhile now and because I ‘like’ a lot of DOT pages I was bombarded with Work Zone Awareness week info which was last week.  It was great to see everyone dress up in orange and talk about safety to the public.

One of the main things I have learned from following these organizations (especially NHTSA) is the incredible danger texting while driving (or distracted driving) represents for everyone.  I recently learned it’s the #1 cause of death for teenagers.  This is amazing to me because it’s such an easy thing to stop – drop the phone until you are done driving.

However we know everyone isn’t going to do this.  I have an idea – what about an auto text that is sent when someone is driving a car, letting the person know we are driving.  Just a thought.

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