Parking Control

6' Rubber Speed Bump
Regular Price: $106.95
On Sale For: $96.95
Car Stop
Regular Price: $59.95
On Sale For: $49.95
Cover Hook
Price: $34.37
Cover Remover
Price: $105.15
Heavy Duty Speed Bump
Regular Price: $470.95
On Sale For: $440.95
Manhole Accessories
Price: $68.75
Manhole Protector Ring
Regular Price: $89.95
On Sale For: $81.95
Manhole Safety Device
Price: $200.33

Parking Control and Manhole Accessories

If you’re looking for manhole accessories or parking control supplies, Trans Supply has what you need. We provide only high quality products at some of the lowest prices anywhere, and we’ll work with you on shipping costs. Check out what we have to offer.

Speed Bumps and More

Speed bumps are effective speed control devices in parking lots, event or concert venues, and pedestrian-heavy areas. The speed bumps provided by Trans Supply are made for simple installation and removal, making them ideal for controlling traffic on a permanent or temporary basis.

These speed bumps feature a non-skid surface and will stand up to all types of abuse, including oil, weather, and traffic. They also have six reflective cat-eyes embedded in them for added safety at night.

Manhole Accessories

Trans Supply also keeps an extensive collection of manhole accessories in stock. We have easy to use cover removers, protector rings, and safety devices. These items are essential anywhere manholes are found including parking lots, pedestrian areas, and high-traffic zones.

If you have any questions about what we offer or if you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call. The Trans Supply team is happy to work with you to answer your questions or on filling custom orders.