Fixtures for Type 3 Barricades

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

type 3 barricades, type 3 barricade, type iii barricade, type iii barricades, type 2 barricades, type 2 barricade, type 1 barricade, type 1 barricades, traffic barricade, traffic barricadesThere are many different items you can put on your type 3 barricades to “beef” them up.  In fact, some of these can go on type 1 barricades, type 2 barricades, as well as type III barricades.  Flags, or orange safety flags, are often put at the top of type 3 barricades to beef them up.

Road closed signs, mounted right in the middle of the barricade, are popular for when roads are closed off so that pedestrians know exactly what is going on.  Another common type of sign is an orange sign mounted on each side of the barricade.  Barricade lights provide a warning at night – they flash so that attention is brought to them.

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