Reflective Sheeting Types

Thursday, September 26, 2013 By: admin

reflective sheetingThere are three different common types of reflective sheeting, and we will help you understand the differences in this post.  For those who don’t know, reflective sheeting is the orange/white stripes commonly seen on traffic barricades, traffic drums and sometimes on barriers.  Delineators usually have white stripes of reflective tape on them.

They are designed to make the product easier to be seen during the day and night.  Headlights or sunlight reflect off the tape to make the product more visible.  Now the most basic and least reflective version (but in many instances, it will do) is the Engineer Grade option.  It is also the least expensive.  The next step up in reflectivity is Hi Intensity, some states require this grade on certain roads so do your research before purchasing, especially if you are using your products on a state road!

The most reflective and expensive option is Diamond Grade and in some cases this is required for state roads at certain speeds.  But it does depend on the state.  This grade will ensure the cars will see the products.

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