Stackability – Traffic Drums

Friday, June 4, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic drums, traffic drum, traffic barrels, traffic barrel, channelizer, channelizers, traffic channelizer, traffic channelizersLet’s face it, when you see traffic drums, you usually see a lot of them.  That is why when buying in large quantities or moving large amounts of traffic drums around, you probably want them to stack.  Whether they are stacked in a warehouse with all your other traffic safety products or stacked on a truck for putting them out on the highway, stackability is important.

Some traffic drums stack more than others, so ask your supplier how many of them can be stacked up.  If the supplier doesn’t know, try asking the manufacturer.  Imaging buying 1000 traffic drums and then finding out that you can’t stack them even two high?  It is very important, so make sure you ask!

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